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The main members of the organization who provided the government with Covid-19 response advice told the British media that if the UK wants to reduce the coronavirus infection rate, it may need to choose to keep bars open or allow schools to reopen.

“Closing other networks may require other activities to enable us to open the school. You may think of a question, which is what you should choose from each other, and then prioritize it. Do we think the bar is more important than the school? “Pandemic Simulation Science Advisory Group (SAGE) Panel Chair Professor Graham Medley told BBC Radio on Saturday.

Medley’s comments were made the day after he saw crowds in bars and pubs in parts of northern England, despite the surge in cases and the reintroduction of some government restrictions in several areas.

The bar was allowed to reopen in the UK on July 4.

Medley said: “I think we are in a situation where most people think the start of school is a priority for children’s health and well-being.”

on Friday: Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that England will “press the brakes” in the next phase of reopening to slow the rise in the rate of coronavirus infections.

Northern England announced new restrictions on Thursday night to “stop the spread of Covid-19.” Nationwide, certain venues that were originally scheduled to reopen on Saturday-including casinos, bowling alleys, ice rinks and “the rest of the close contact services”-will be closed until at least August 15.

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