Delta Air Lines cooperates with unions to avoid suspension of 2,300 pilots

Delta Air Lines cooperates with unions to avoid suspension of 2,300 pilots

Delta Air Lines (DAL.N) and its pilot union said on Sunday that after undergoing reorganization procedures to adapt their staffing to the summer flight of 2021, they are working to avoid the vacation of approximately 2,300 pilots.

Delta Air Lines said this month that due to the declining demand for the COVID-19 pandemic, it will have more pilots due to its reduced network and fleet, but it is working to avoid involuntary vacations.

According to the so-called “surplus” bid results on Sunday, employees are required to apply for jobs at one of Delta ’s seven U.S. pilot bases. The airline will transfer approximately 7,000 pilots to different locations or aircraft types, while 2,327 pilot airline pilots The Association ’s (ALPA) Delta Air Lines Directorate Committee (MEC) said in a statement that the aircraft was not classified into any category.

Delta Air Lines confirmed the release of the bidding results, “in order to better align our personnel with future flight requirements” and stated that “we are looking for all options to reduce or reduce vacations and will continue to work with us in the coming weeks. ALPA collaborates to explore these options. “

Delta, headquartered in Atlanta, with about 91,000 employees, announced on Thursday details of early retirement options for non-union employees, including cash severance payments, comprehensive medical insurance and travel benefits.

Major US airlines have received billions of dollars in salary taxpayer assistance, and they all warn that once the layoffs imposed by the government expire on September 30, they will need to lay off staff.

After the air travel demand basically disappeared in April, American airline executives pointed out some new beginnings, but it is expected that the aviation industry will take at least three years to resume passenger traffic before the pandemic.

ALPA said it will continue to hold talks with Delta on potential early leave or voluntary leave plans, and said that “management will continue to work with ALPA to protect pilot positions, which is optimistic.”

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