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Delhi LG allows premature release of Jessica Lal’s murderer Manu Sharma; criminals walk out of Tihar

In a quite disturbing development, Jessica Lal’s murderer Manu Sharma was released from Tihar prison on Tuesday, June 2, after Delhi’s deputy governor Ani Anil Baijal approved his premature release. Sharma is the son of former Union Minister Sharma (Vonod Sharma) and was held in prison 14 years ago.

Model Lal refused Shire while drinking for him at the Tamarind Court restaurant owned by social media celebrity Bina Ramani in the Qutub Colonnade in Mehrauli, South Delhi on the evening of April 30, 1999 Horse shot. Shire was convicted and sentenced to a sentence of life imprisonment in the Delhi High Court in December 2006.

The criminal Manu Sharma was escorted by the police. [File photo]STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images

Delhi LG released Sharma for “good behavior”

The LG’s decision in Delhi was made after the Sentence Review Committee recommended the release of Sharma at a meeting on May 11th, after observing his “ethics” in court. The board also observed that the Sharma alias Siddharth Vashishth has a “good” prospect for recovery after release.

“After exercising the powers conferred by Article 432 of the Criminal Procedure Act of 1973 (No. 2 of 1974), the Notice of March 20, 1974 was read out to the Government of India, the Ministry of the Interior, and New Delhi. The Capital Territory of Delhi is very happy According to the recommendations of the Sentence Review Committee meeting held on November 5, the following 19 (19) sentences of life imprisonment are exempted from the unexpired part.” (Read the order on May 28.

Bejar has approved Sharma’s sentence along with at least 18 other criminals. India International Business Times It was also learned that Priyadarshini Mattoo’s murderer Santosh Kumar Singh’s early release request was rejected by the board of directors.

Manu Sharma

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Jessica’s sister says she has forgiven Sharma

Jessica’s older sister Sabrina Lal wrote to the Tihar prison authorities earlier, saying that she had forgiven Sharma and there would be no objections if he was released.

“Someone told me that he has been doing good work for charity and helping prisoners in prison, which I think is a reflection of the reform. I don’t need financial assistance from the victim’s welfare fund, nor do you need to put Gifts to others are more urgently needed,” Sabrina said in the letter.

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