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Dakshina Kannada DC releases SOP for daily commuters from Kasargod to Dakshina Kannada

Following the guidelines issued by Dr. D Sajith Babu, a collector from the Kasagde region, on the movement of people between the two states, Dakshina Kannada (Sak Sed) Sindhi B Roopesh also released an SOP on Wednesday, June 3, allowing daily commuters to travel across states.

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These decisions are in line with a series of new measures released by the state government on Tuesday as it entered the first phase of “Unlock 1”.

SOP for Interstate Travelers

SOPs for daily interstate travel between Dakshina Kannada and Kasargod include:

  • The daily pass is only for staff and students. This includes only medical professionals, government officials and students.
  • For the above purposes, people who wish to travel from Kala Sarade district in Kerala to Dakshina Kannada district need to register on to obtain a daily pass. For people traveling from Dakshina Kannada (DK) to Kasaragod, the pass issued by the Kasargod Regional Authority should be presented at Talapady Checkpost.
  • The pass application should clearly include the “origin” and “destination” locations, as well as the complete working address on the DK. Applicants should also upload Aadhar, workplace certification (clinic registration, employer letter, work/student ID, etc.).
  • The Assistant Commissioner of the Mangalore Division will issue a pass, which is valid until June 30, 2020, unless it is revoked due to abuse or misrepresentation.
  • DK people who want to enter the Kasargod area must register themselves for emergency passes through the Covid-19 Jagratha portal by mentioning the reasons for interstate travel daily.
  • The details of the pass to enter DK should be recorded at the Talapadi checkpoint, and passengers should enter their details every day when entering and exiting. Anyone who did not report during the withdrawal from DK will be quarantined by the Taluk government.
  • Only people who are asymptomatic for heat screening at the Talapadi checkpoint can cross the border.
  • Any misuse or deviation in the use of passes issued only to and from the workplace will be severely punished.
  • For other categories of travellers entering DK, all guidelines regarding Sevasindhu registration and isolation conditions will continue to be in effect.
  • When issuing a pass, the issuer must mention the instructions to comply with the date of the regional collector (June 6, 2002 to 2020) and order No. 1331/2020/KL. After providing the pass, it must be submitted to Manjeshwar tahsildar along with complete details. The latter is camped near the checkpoint, and the person’s name, address, telephone number, date of entry, date of return, etc. must be submitted.
  • The password should be entered into the register in order.
Interstate traveler at checkpoint

Interstate traveler at checkpointIndian Express

Entering the Kasargod area should also obey all prescribed guidelines.

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