“Cory, Ashwin & Vijay are my best choices”: Srikkanth

Indian captain Virat Kohli has swept the world cricket game in the past few years, and these accolades have not stopped. However, in his first days as an international cricketer, one of his supporters was the selector Kris Srikkanth. The former chief selector once said that Coley was one of the top choices during his tenure.

When talking about cricket connected to Star Sports 1 Tamil, Srikkanth said: “Virat Kohli, R. Ashwin and Murali Vijay are my best choices, and I am very proud of their growth and grooming.”

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Cricket players debate Collie’s style of play

Recently, England ’s great Ian Botham stated that Virat Kohli is the perfect candidate to lead the Indian team and he would love to play against the Indian captain.

Bossam said in an online chat with the Playwrite Foundation: “Villat pushed the game to the opponent and he defended the player. I really want to fight him. He is the right person to push the Indian cricket.”

In fact, former England batsman Kevin Pietersen said he rated Collie as the legendary Sachin Tendulkar because Collie won the Indian game in the chase The way.

Virat Kohli

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Peterson said in an Instagram live video chat with commentators and former Zimbabwean pacemaker Pommie Mbangwa that Coley was selected because he successfully completed the number of chases.

Peterson said: “Kohri is really a freak. His record is chasing the huge pressure he has suffered in India to chase India’s winning game. Smith has not even approached him.”

He said that it was this factor that also allowed Kohli to surpass Tendulkar in his book. “Once again, Verat because of his chasing numbers. His chasing numbers are frightening. He averaged over 80 in the chase. He has been winning games for India. He has been changing the numbers. How important is this for me? The country wins the game. “Peterson said.

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