Coronavirus news and real-time reports from around the world

Coronavirus news and real-time reports from around the world

Chief Bartender Sean Hughes (Sean Hughes) cleaned the table at the Oyster Bar restaurant on King Street as he was preparing to reopen in Washington, DC on Saturday, May 30. Bill Clark / CQ Roll Call / AP

Officials in Washington, D.C., outlined the indicators needed to enter the second stage of the reopening of the country’s capital at a press conference today, and pointed out that the earliest date to enter this stage is June 19.

The key indicators needed by public health officials include:

  • 14 days of continuous community communication decline from today
  • Less than 80% of hospital capacity in 14 days
  • 7-day test positive rate is below 15%
  • The success rate of contact tracking for those who successfully completed the positive test within one day exceeded 90%, and the success rate of close contacts who successfully contacted the positive test within two days exceeded 90%

In the second stage, more companies can start to reopen, but subject to certain restrictions, including museums and indoor restaurants, According to the city’s reopening plan.

Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt, director of the Washington, D.C. Department of Health, also outlined the key indicators that may trigger the intervention. This does not necessarily prevent the district from entering the second stage, but it needs to be resolved by the city government.

As of June 4, a total of 9,199 people in the District of Columbia tested positive for coronavirus, and 479 people died of the virus.

Regarding the protests in the city, Mayor Muriel Bowser pointed out: “We do not know how these demonstrations will affect our Covid experience in the District of Columbia, and we hope we will not see the peak And we must measure everything that happens within our control and not within our control.”

Bowser said that due to the surge in the number of cases caused by the protests, Washington DC will still need to “accommodate any sick people.”

Bowser also announced that in June, all DC government employees must complete contact tracking training so that they can participate in the DC Contact Tracing force (if needed).

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