Coronavirus live news and updates from around the world

Coronavirus live news and updates from around the world

Homes in the village of Minard in Argyll and Bute, Scotland on Monday, May 18. Press Association/AP

People in Scotland may meet with people from one other household from Friday but the group must not exceed 8 people in total, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced Thursday as part of the country’s advance into its so-called ‘Phase One’ easing of lockdown measures.

Sturgeon said that households do not have to meet with the same other household all the time during Phase One but should avoid meeting with more than one different household a day.

According to Sturgeon, Scottish people “should still be meeting far fewer people than [they] would in normal times.” She advised them not to share items with other households and to maintain social distance at all times.

As part of the Phase One easing of measures, Scotland will allow certain non-contact sports to resume and people will be able to sunbathe in parks. However, the Scottish government strongly advised against traveling further than 5 miles for leisure or recreation purposes.

“Crowds of people, even if they are trying to socially distance, bring more risk than we judge to be acceptable or safe at this point,” Sturgeon said.

Under Phase One garden centers, drive-through and takeaway food establishments will reopen. The construction industry may resume site preparation ahead of a return to the majority of outdoor work. Household waste and recycling centers will reopen to the public from Monday, June 1.

Teachers will also be allowed to re-enter schools on June 1 to begin preparations for schools reopening on August 11. Childcare services and outdoor nurseries will reopen from Wednesday, June 3 with limits placed on the number of children that can be cared for.

Despite the continual decline in Scottish cases, Sturgeon admitted she was “nervous” that “the limited changes we are making to these rules might lead to greater change in reality.” She asked Scots to respect the parameters set out by the government.

“Make sure things still feel different to normal because they should still feel different to normal,” Sturgeon said.

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