China kindergarten knife attack

Chinese kindergarten knife attack: 39 people injured, investigation is still ongoing

On June 4, 37 students and two teaching staff were injured in a knife attack at a kindergarten in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. The local media identified a security worker as the perpetrator.

All injured persons, including teaching staff, were taken to the hospital, but the condition is not dangerous.Twitter

A security guard attacked the kindergarten attached to the central school in Wangfu Town, Cangwu County.

The incident at Wangfu Central Primary School occurred at 8:30 am, when the children usually took classes. The government stated that the attacker was reported to be under 50 years of age and was “under control”.

The report said: “37 students were slightly injured and two adults were more seriously injured. All of them were taken to hospital for treatment without risk of life.”

The relevant departments of Cangwu County in Guangxi said that all the injured, including the teaching staff, had been taken to the hospital, but they were not in a critical state.

The incident is under investigation.


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Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, schools in the area only reopened after months of closure.

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