California's first case exceeds half a million coronavirus cases

California’s first case exceeds half a million coronavirus cases

California has become the first state in the United States to record more than 500,000 coronavirus cases-New York City and the state have reported that their numbers have remained stable.

As of Saturday, the Golden State had recorded a total of 509,162 infectious disease cases-and set a grim daily record, with 176 related deaths every day. According to its website.

These deaths brought the country’s daily coronavirus death toll to more than 1,000 for the sixth consecutive day.

At the same time, New York has reported the lowest number of hospitalizations since March 17, at 556 days, and there have been 3 deaths so far. This is part of the three-day average, which is the lowest in the state since the pandemic. According to the office of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The state’s positive test rate is 0.9, while the city’s positive rate is 1.0.

The state stated that there were no deaths in the city yesterday. On the Big Apple website, Although presumed deaths from COVID-19 are not included, only deaths have been confirmed.

Cuomo said in a statement: “We have now conducted more than 6 million tests, and these numbers are exactly equal to the tests we want them to perform. This is all very good news and shows that our plan is working.”

“However, the background is important. There are storms in the form of new cases all over the country, and the state lacks compliance. I urge New Yorkers to maintain the appropriate attitude of New York’s smart people and local governments to implement national guidance.”

He said that on Saturday, the State Liquor Supervision Bureau and the State Police Task Force went to 1,070 bars, restaurants and other establishments in the city and Long Island and found that 36 of them did not meet the health guidelines.

According to the state, there are 18 establishments for theft in Queens; 10 in Manhattan; five in the Bronx; one in Staten Island and the other in Suffolk County, Long Island.

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