Breakfast foods around the world: how to start a new day in different countries

Breakfast foods around the world: how to start a new day in different countries

(CNN)— When it comes to global breakfast foods, there are many ways to enjoy the first meal of the day, just like saying “good morning”.

From Brazilian buttered cornbread cakes to delicious Tunisian chickpea soup, from fluffy Ukrainian pancakes to Singapore’s sweet coconut jam toast, these 21 international specialties offer breakfast options for every taste.

And even though the taste of some of the dishes may be unexpected based on the typical taste of your first meal of the day, these presentations are still familiar. Read our list carefully (in no particular order) and understand the delicious diversity of our world breakfast culture, and maybe even find culinary inspiration for your next trip.


On weekdays, the Swiss often insist on a quick but hearty breakfast, such as the traditional birchermüesli (a mixture of oats, oats, fruit and nuts), which is usually eaten with thick yogurt.

But on the weekend, it’s time for Swiss brunch. Together with roesti (potato pancakes), cheese and cold cuts, the centerpiece of the brunch table is zopf. This braided egg bread is similar to challah or brioche and is topped with honey, butter and jam.


Genfo is a thick porridge made from barley, wheat and corn flour, which is a traditional porridge.


When you eat Qurs (“breakfast” in the official language of Ethiopia, Amharic), you are likely to eat porridge. Although there are many varieties and names of hot cereals throughout the country, the salty Genfo is one of the most popular cereals.

Genfo is made by mixing barley flour with boiling water until a sticky dough is formed, and then forming it into a mound with a hole in the center. Then, pour the clarified butter and kid, a complex spice mixture into the well, and pour a small cup of yogurt on the edge of the genfo.


Japanese breakfast happens to fall on the delicious side of the food spectrum: in fact, in Japan, many of the things you can eat for breakfast will not be misplaced in any other meal of the day.

Many brunches consist of small plates, each with a handful of traditional Japanese dishes. Fish like salmon or mackerel, miso soup, pickled vegetables and rice can all be represented. There is also a tamagoyaki, which is a slightly sweet omelet made with a thin layer of eggs in a rectangular pan and has a unique shape.


In Iceland, you can start your day with the crumbling Rice: cod liver oil, a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and one of the by-products of the country’s fishing industry. Although it is said to be resistant to seasonal affective disorder, it is also good for health, but it is not the only breakfast option.

For a more delicious breakfast, please drink a bowl of thick oatmeal hafragrautur. Top it with nuts, raisins and sugar, or add a little Skyr (a thick, yogurt-like cultured dairy product, which is actually fresh cheese).


If the “crazy rich Asians” have not stimulated your appetite for Singapore, then let the hawker center provide a variety of dishes to attract you. These open-air food courts are always open, and every morning hungry people will first fish up a bowl of salty curry noodles.

For traditional hawker-style breakfast, kaya toast is essential. This unassuming toasted sandwich is mixed with delicious kaya, which is a sweet jam made with coconut milk, eggs and sometimes pandan leaves to give it a vibrant green and flavor.

The coffee or tea is very good and each stall or shop makes kaya toast in its own way-so why not try some?


In addition to mint tea, semolina bread is a mid-stream tay pillar on the Moroccan breakfast table. Baghir is a thin yeast ball with small holes and is called “thousand hole pancake” or “thousand hole crepe”. Instead of maple syrup, these light semolina breads are topped with butter and honey.

Harcha is a thicker, grid-like biscuit-shaped bun with coarse semolina sprinkled on it to form a crispy crust. They can be split like English muffins and eaten with cheese or butter, jam and honey.


There are many types of breakfast in Australia, but the main one is avocado toast with an egg on top.

There are many types of breakfast in Australia, but the main one is avocado toast with an egg on top.

Ben Cold/Unsplash

For those who like cereal bowls, avocados and other delicious toasts, and staples of the all-day coffee culture, Australia’s “brekkie” must be heaven.

The focus of Australian breakfast is on fresh produce, whole grains and nutritional combinations, from classic avocado toast to bread, to farro bowls with poached eggs and pickled vegetables or rice pudding, yogurt, seeds and berries, one Everything is available.

Don’t forget the pure white-an espresso with a high proportion of steamed milk, even Starbucks can’t buy it.


There is one word that defines the price of breakfast in Argentina: facturas. The general term for pastries covers the world of sweet dough of shape, size and taste.

Some of the more popular products include medialunes, a croissant-like brioche pastry. Bombs and potato chips or fried doughnuts; and fried dough sticks, usually dipped in chocolate. Many breads are filled with dulce de leche or crema pastelera, a vanilla custard.

Pair a bunch of Fuctura coffee with yerba mate or coffee that is high in caffeine.


In the land of many sausages, it is not surprising that sausages and other meats play an important role in the traditional German breakfast frühstück.

The buffet has a wide variety of stalls: sausages, cold cuts, cheese, breads and rolls (including pretzels), fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs and condiments (such as homemade jam). Rich choices can be sampled and assembled according to your needs.


Brazilian bolo de fuba is a cornbread-shaped cake with a moist and slippery texture.

Brazilian bolo de fuba is a cornbread-shaped cake with a moist and slippery texture.


If you can’t stop eating the soft cheese bread pao de queijo, which is a staple of Brazilian culture, you are happy to know that you can also eat them for breakfast.

However, if you want to choose Brazilian breakfast bread, you can try bolo de fuba. This is a cornbread type cake with a moist and creamy texture. It is made by adding grated Parmesan cheese and/or shredded coconut. Cut into thin slices, like a pound cake, which is usually a refreshing activity in the afternoon.


Lovers of delicacies will love lablabi, a spiced chickpea soup, a Tunisian breakfast food. Chickpeas and harissa sauce are two constants in almost every lablabi recipe, but the individuality of this simple and evocative soup is up to each chef.

Sometimes some old crusty bread is added, sometimes it is brightened by lemon juice, sometimes it is made creamy with yogurt, or topped with olives. This is an infinite enjoyment way.

And because it often has a poached egg on it, it is a breakfast that can meet your needs throughout the day.


Popara follows a long tradition of using leftover bread as a meal for the next day. This warm and comfortable breakfast is a childhood favorite of many Bulgarians-it is not porridge, nor bread pudding, but it has the characteristics of both.

Pour warm milk or tea into a bowl of diced bread, shredded Bulgarian sirene cheese, butter and sugar, then soak until soft and add a spoon.

Sirene is a feta-style cheese that is creamier and softer than many Eastern European saltwater cheeses, so it does not bring saltiness to dishes, nor does it give a fresh flavor like goat cheese.


Kahvalti is a traditional Turkish breakfast sauce, it is a luxury affair with a little benefit for everyone. For those who like to eat grass and snacks, the rich selection will not be missed.

Turkish bread, such as simit, round seeded bread or pide, is a chewy loaf that can be paired with bowls of feta or other fresh salty cheeses. Olives; crisp sugar, honey and candied eggs are usually cooked with fried sucuk slices, which is a dried beef sausage with garlic, red pepper, cumin and sumac seasoning.


This small island-technically a territory of the United States-the Pacific Ocean is a melting pot of culinary culture, and its food shows the influence of the countries that colonized the country for centuries.

Like many Asia-Pacific countries, spam is a favorite addition to fried rice and egg breakfast. But also popular is the local chamorro pork sausage, a fresh sausage-style sausage named after the indigenous people on the island. Grilled with chains or meatloaf, it is the breakfast sausage of other sausages.


Portuguese egg c is a perfect match with your choice of caffeinated beverage.

Portuguese egg c is a perfect match with your choice of caffeinated beverage.


When having breakfast in Portugal, milk-rich coffee beverages are the top priority. Uma mei de leite (half and half of coffee and milk) or um galao (mainly milk and a small amount of coffee) is a relaxing way.

Although many Portuguese people drink a simple cup of toast or bread when they drink, the best match for these milky coffees is pasteis de nata or custard. They have a crispy pastry crust and creamy egg filling. They are also a snack at the coffee shop break at 11 am. This is another Portuguese brunch.


Ukrainian syrniki pancakes are soft and fluffy on the inside and crisp golden brown on the outside. They will not be dislocated in the five-star brunch buffet.

However, they are made with simple ingredients: fresh farmer’s cheese, called tvorog, has a consistency similar to ricotta or cheese. The crispy appearance comes from the quick dredge of flour, such as breakfast fritters.

Like American pancakes or French toast, you can put fresh fruit, jam or powdered sugar on top, but like potato pancakes or pancake fillings, you can eat them with sour cream.


Eating breakfast in Jamaica is nothing more patriotic than eating national dishes: ackee and salted fish.

The crispy sweet pear-shaped fruit Ackee is fried with salted cod, tomatoes, garlic, peppers and onions in the breakfast scramble, combining the unique island flavor of sweet, salty and spicy. Although it looks like scrambled eggs, it’s just the creamy yellow ackee (the national fruit of Jamaica) on the plate.


Although it is often advertised in the United States that a glass of milk is “part of a balanced breakfast”, duujiāng has pushed tradition to new heights. This fresh soy milk is a specialty of Taiwan, usually made fresh by street vendors and restaurants every morning for their customers.

Drinking hot in winter and cold in summer, in stark contrast to the chewy scallion pancakes, dumplings and dough fritters, which are also part of Taiwan’s traditional breakfast. Dip the fried dough sticks in soy milk in case you need it.


Italians are almost too busy to eat breakfast-or because of this, you will think from the number of cafes that customers will stand up and shake their espresso quickly at first.

However, whether standing at the coffee table or resting for a while, there is always time to pair with coffee and Italian pastries. In the morning, espresso or cappuccino is often paired with simple sweets, such as piccolo or croissants, filled with egg ust or peanut butter.

Another breakfast standard is Sfogliatelle, which is a crisp, flaky, multi-layered pastry filled with sweet ricotta cheese.

United States

Fluffy American pancakes with plenty of butter and real maple syrup (bacon if you are lucky) are one of the best breakfasts in America.

Fluffy American pancakes with plenty of butter and real maple syrup (bacon if you are lucky) are one of the best breakfasts in America.

Kobby Mendez/Unsplash

When it comes to classic American brunch, you can’t go wrong with fluffy buttermilk pancakes stacked on top of a pile of crispy bacon. The contrasting texture and savoury and sweet flavor make this breakfast popular with children and adults. While pancakes can be decorated by adding everything from fresh blueberries to chocolate chips to pecans, the classic toppings of butter and maple syrup are still the gold standard.


Although caviar sounds very indulgent, it is actually a Russian breakfast food. Whether it’s red or black caviar, it’s still the topping of choice for large, foldable crepe-shaped blini or small, thick Orade pancakes at weekend brunch.

However, on weekdays, breakfast is simpler. In these mornings, the caviar is spread on dark sweet rye bread (brown bread for short), sometimes with some butter.

Most importantly, a pot of black tea is placed on each breakfast table.

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