Boris Johnson outlines UK reopening guidelines

Boris Johnson outlines UK reopening guidelines

While Personal distance still existsHe said businesses, schools and social activities will slowly resume and outlined new reopening guidelines on how and where people should resume social contact.

He said, “As long as they abide by social alienation regulations,” up to six people are allowed to meet in the garden and other private outdoor spaces.

He added: “At present, people can meet in the park, but not in the private garden-this is a prudent first step-but we know there is no difference in health risks.”

However, people from different families should still not meet indoors. He said that from Monday, they will be allowed to meet outside. “The premise is that people from different families must strictly maintain the rules of social evacuation, two meters away from each other.”

Many British parents are gratified that the school will be open to more children from certain grades in nurseries, preschools, kindergartens and elementary schools.

Johnson said: “Schools that are suspended are deprived of their children’s education, and often the most disadvantaged students are at risk of being hit hard.”

“On Monday, we will begin to protect this right in a safe way by reopening nurseries and other early classes and receptions in the first and sixth grades of elementary school. Two weeks later, on June 15th, the middle school will begin to provide 10 Face-to-face communication time of 1 year and 12 years. “He added.

The outdoor market “social distance is easier” and car showrooms can now be opened. Johnson pointed out that as the UK “starts to restart the economy”, the doors of retail and non-essential stores will be further relaxed on June 15.

After the British mortality rate continued to decline, the blockade rules were relaxed. Starting from the peak of 943 deaths on April 14, the United Kingdom announced on Thursday 256 cases of coronavirus-related deaths. Although this number is large, it is decreasing.

In his speech, Johnson commended citizens for complying with social grooming guidelines when the British epidemic reached its peak, and emphasized that the virus must be controlled.

He said: “I cannot and will not give up all the achievements we have made together, so the changes we are making are limited and cautious.”

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