Bollywood stars support "Black Lives Matter" (white life problem) and whitening cream

Bollywood stars support “Black Lives Matter” (white life problem) and whitening cream

Critics say these Bollywood celebrities have fair skin and two sides.

Indian movie stars strongly supported the black life problem movement online, and even recognized skin lightening creams in advertisements.

Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra (now 37 years old) is the wife of singer Nick Jonas, among the highest paid entertainers in India, Post on Instagram Last week, people were urged to end the “ethnic war” after the death of George Floyd.

She wrote under an image that read “Please, I can’t breathe”: “No matter where you live, no matter what your situation is, you should not die, especially in the hands of others because of their skin color .”

But observers quickly rejected her comment, calling her “hypocritical” because she appeared in the “fair” cream in Garnier’s ads, which some people of color used to lighten their skin tone.

“Pri is the face of whitening cream in India. Pri is part of the problem.” A critic Post on Twitter And advertising.

In the advertisement, the stars are placed next to the facial cleanser, which is described as “ultra-bright and dark spots reduction cream”.

Indian actresses have also been criticized for promoting racial skin lightening cream while avoiding racism.

“All colors are beautiful,” She wrote On Twitter-just shouted out because of the ad appearing in the “fair” cream of similar product Pond.

“The irony is that celebrities advertise public flat creams. They cried out on #BlackLivesMatter! The critic Satyam Shivam first said: Slammed on Twitter.

The Indian actor Abhay Deol criticized other celebrities. They said: “Now, the “waking up” Indian celebrities and middle class support the systemic racism in the United States. Perhaps they will see it in their own What does the backyard do?” According to British Underground.

According to reports, other Indian celebrities, including actresses Deepika Padukone (Deepika Padukone) and Sonam Kapoor (Sonam Kapoor) have also been criticized for promoting the “black life problem” campaign to brighten the complexion of the cream.

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