Black drivers yell at protesters of "Black Life" who blocked highways

Black drivers yell at protesters of “Black Life” who blocked highways

After a black motorist stood out among the “Black Life Issues” protesters who blocked the Texas highway, they spread the word, yelling “I have to go to work!” and let them pass.

Unidentified driver Was photographed A group of white protesters got out of the car after blocking the I-35 in Austin on Saturday night.

“Hey, I understand the reason, I am grateful, but I have to go to work!” he told the group after coming out on the highway.

“I’m black-I have to go to work! I have the bills. I have children and act quickly!” he yelled when a protest leader approached him.

Protesters-who was chanting: “Whose street? Our street!” They soon separated, shouting a few times to make sure the driver was allowed to pass.

However, after seeing a group of protesters remodeling and stretching on the highway, other cars were still blocked.

Garrett Foster, an armed protester, was shot and killed. A week after he allegedly faced the driver with an AK-47, confrontation took place as tensions in Austin increased.

Fully armed by the right-wing militia, including the “Three Centers” and “Bugalo Boys”, appeared near the Foster Memorial Hall, According to

Austin’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) earlier stated that it would provide additional law enforcement support in reports that it planned to disrupt the “Black Lives Issue” protests. KXAN report.

The agency said: “DPS supports the right of individuals to legally protest, and public safety is our top priority.”

“Therefore, DPS will work with our local law enforcement partners to increase our presence this weekend to ensure that public safety needs are met and to combat any potential criminal activities.”

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