Bihar govt distributes free condoms

Bihar govt is frustrated by the distribution of condoms after quarantine; immigrants need work, food

The Government of Bihar is distributing free condoms and contraceptives to migrant workers following a 14-day mandatory quarantine for COVID-19. The Bihar Health Association (BSHS) has launched a new campaign to encourage migrant workers to carry out family planning. ASHA (accredited social health activists) medical staff and auxiliary nurse midwives (ANM) participated in the work of the state government and provided condoms and contraceptives for quarantine returnees during the household-to-house screening survey.

A BSHS official said: “When immigrants are discharged from the quarantine and isolation center, health workers not only provide them with family planning skills, but also provide them with condoms, contraceptives and pregnancy kits.

Bihar government distributes free condoms

The state government has started distribution in Gopalgunj, Jamui, Samastipur, Supaul, Saran, Rohtas and East Champaran. The Gopalgunj physician T.N. Gopalgunj area has distributed more than 20,000 packets. Singh said in a statement.

Initiatives have been taken to prevent population growth. The exercise will be effective from May 20th.

The dilemma of monitoring immigration


Even state governments are taking preventive measures to control the population of densely populated states. Migrant workers require the government to provide work and food, not condoms and contraceptives.

Hindus said: “They can’t provide us with proper food and clean toilets in the quarantine center, but they are providing us with condom packs as a return, keeping a social distance with the rider…Can the government still laugh at us?” lead A migrant worker said so.

Another immigrant said: “The government should distribute food and create jobs for us, not condoms and contraceptives.”

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