Biden staff are working to get "anarchists out of prison"

Biden staff are working to get “anarchists out of prison”

President Trump commented in a report on Monday that Biden ’s campaign staff donated to an organization in Minnesota that is bailing out the protesters, saying they are helping to “free anarchists from prison”.

“The people of Sleepy Joe Biden are so radical left, they are trying to get the anarchists out of prison, maybe even more. Joe knows nothing about it, he knows nothing, but they will be real Power, not Joe. They will be the masters! Everyone can increase taxes significantly! ” Say on Twitter.

A moment later, he tweeted: “November 3”.

According to a report on Saturday, staff of at least 13 Democratic presidential candidates donated to the Minnesota Freedom Foundation, which opposes suspects having to pay cash bail to avoid being locked up before the trial.

Since George Floyd died after a policeman kneeled on Freud’s neck for more than eight minutes, protests and violent riots have been happening.

Andrew Bates, a spokesman for Biden’s campaign, told Reuters that the former vice president opposed the cash bail system as a “modern debtor’s prison.”

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