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Bani Ishq Da Kalma producer Damini K Shetty talked about insiders and outsiders in the TV industry and TV Mafia, and preferred

Damien K. ShettyPR

In an endless conversation, Damini K Shetty, the producer of Bani-Ishq Da Kalma, disclosed the mafia ruling the TV industry, her personal experience of being wronged as a writer, and so on.

From actors to producers, you have worn many hats over the years. How do you summarize the industry development process so far?

So far, it has been an interesting journey, but the journey has only just begun, and there is still a lot of work to be done and achievements that make me still feel that I have just started. I still look forward to a more exciting journey in this regard. I have been an actor in a theater since I was 15 years old. I was an assistant director for the first time when I was 17-18 years old, and when I was 21, I performed for the first time as a director and producer. I did not give up on each other, I have been doing it all at the same time. It was also a challenge because when I entered the field of production, as an actor, people forgot that I was an actor, and when I started directing, they forgot that I was a producer. I challenge myself to fill myself with freshness and vitality.

Damien K. Shetty

Damien K. ShettyPR

What is your opinion on the entire internal-external debate?

I think the term “insider” is a bit weird, completely absurd and sad. The people who use these terms are the people who think the industry belongs to them, and when we keep talking about it, we encourage them to believe that there is a difference. The movie world is a professional industry, not a family! This is an open industry and anyone with skills will become part of the industry and an insider. No one has the right to decide who the entire industry is and who is the insider. I believe that everyone who works here, who provides certain or other services to the industry, is an insider, including me. As a responsible media, the press should stop using these terms altogether.

You recently talked about the existence of mafia in this industry. Have personal experience?

I may not have direct experience, and even if I do, I am so busy moving between projects that I cannot be affected by it. My friend Natasha Singh (Natasha Singh) I know her, and when she said that she was influenced by a certain mafia in the television industry, I trusted her completely. I have seen the production company throw abusive goods and slippers, make a phone call, make you wait for a meeting for a few hours, and then leave the meeting midway to join the party. It’s hard for me to stand up and talk about it publicly, because it didn’t happen directly to me. People who have experienced such exploitation should speak up, and those who have not been exploited may still be unable to do so. I call these exploiters “mini mafia” and they exist in every department. There is usually an actor mafia, especially in TV, where the actors are caught in continuity, they know the producer/performance is in their popularity, so they are at the expense of making the most of the performance.

Would you say that you have been treated unfairly?

Yes, I have been treated unfairly at many times, the most unfair thing is being a writer. Many times, you are asked to write a project and work on this concept. Everyone shares their views, redesigns and changes it until it meets the requirements of the competent authority, and when the performance does not work, first A person who was cut down without any notice or explanation is the author. When the performance goes well, the writer hardly gets any honor. Recently, this happened to me in a leadership channel. I worked with the production company to develop the concept for nearly a year. I was asked to start writing plot stories and scripts, but at the last minute, the senior boss disbanded the entire project. Very rude and insulting. Everyone helped me collectively and approved 10 episodes, but I was the only one who was thrown out of the project without a penny.

The reason why I did not fight is because I would rather spend time on better projects than ugly things. For many of the work I have done, this is unfair. I stopped working from the channel that once accused me of because although I have saved several of their other shows, I cannot save one of their shows. Even as a producer, I have faced it. A few years ago, we aired a popular show for a channel that put our lives in a miserable situation and never called us back or gave us time.

Many of my colleagues and producers have already experienced this. They either leave the industry or struggle with every show. If this is not favored or unfair, I don’t know what it is.

Can favors also work in the TV industry?

There is a preference in the television industry. Although there are so many talented people, you only see a few production companies doing most of the shows. Despite the poor performance of the show, you can still see the channel that shows them the show. There is a preference that is at work, and its effect is much more than the look in the eyes. There are many things that are happening that shouldn’t have happened. Channels are responsible companies, so I think some people have a preference for dominating the TV industry, but unfortunately, this is not about talent.

For newcomers or those who have not received their due opportunities, how should they go?

I suggest they be prepared to work hard, keep their skin thick, keep working hard, be tough and accept rejection. Get support from family and friends. If possible, please provide financial support so that your basic needs are met and you don’t have to rely on anyone else. It also gives you the confidence to move out and accept rejection because it is not your livelihood. I also want to advise those who provide opportunities for these talents. I want to tell them, keep an open mind. If you don’t hand over your job to the best qualified person, you can’t claim that you are fair to the profession you love. If they accept the advice, then the people who come in won’t need me to provide much advice.

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