Baltimore male police knocks down woman in shocking video

Baltimore male police knocks down woman in shocking video

The shocking video posted on Twitter showed a barefoot, barefoot woman punching twice in the face of the Baltimore police officer before being knocked down by another police officer.

Friday’s video Night events showed that the woman tried to yell at the officer before someone grabbed her arm and then tried to walk away.

Then she hit the policeman on the face before the second police officer grabbed her arm from behind.

But she broke free and clenched her fists again.

That was when another police officer slammed-sending the woman directly to the ground.

The video showed that when a police officer stood on her body, her body seemed to be lily walking for a few seconds.

Mayor Bernard C. “Jack Young” said on Saturday that unidentified officers had been thrown with a punch and had “removed police duties.” The Baltimore Sun reported.

Young said in a statement: “I believe that the co-pilot who was repeatedly beaten by this woman showed obvious restraint when she was hit, without retaliation.”

“The woman was supposed to be arrested rather than beaten. Our judicial system does not involve the concept of” eye for eye “.”

On Friday night, Baltimore was one of many cities in the United States that exploded in protest because of the death of George Floyd in police custody.

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