At least 39 knife attackers injured in Chinese kindergarten

At least 39 knife attackers injured in Chinese kindergarten

Beijing — Official media reported that on Thursday morning, a Chinese school security officer killed at least 39 people in a knife attack at a kindergarten in southern China. The motive is still unknown.

The attack was a gruesome response to the deadly attacks on Chinese schools in the past few years. The attack prompted a escalation of security. The authorities blamed mainly those who hate or suffer from unknown mental illness.

The local government of Cangwu County in Guangxi said the attack caused 37 students and two adults to varying degrees.

Chinese official media identified the attacker as the security guard of the school named Li. They said the suspect was detained during the investigation.

China Central Television (CCTV) said 40 people were injured, three of them were seriously injured, including the school principal, another security guard and a student.

In an earlier attack, in October 2018, a woman with a knife injured 14 children in a kindergarten in the western city of Chongqing.

In 2010, nearly 20 children were killed in school attacks, which prompted senior government officials to respond and led to the addition of gates and security personnel in many schools.

Chinese laws restrict the sale and possession of firearms, and generally use knives or homemade explosives to carry out large-scale attacks.

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