Anurag Kashyap talks of his casting challenge in

Anurag Kashyap talks about his acting challenge in “Strangled”

Film producer Anurag Kashyap plays the role of Sarita in his latest digital movie “Suffocation: Paisa Bolta Hai” Challenges facing casting. The role was published by actress Saiyami Kher.

Talking about why playing roles for Sarita’s role is a “giant challenge”, Anurag Kashyap wrote on Instagram: “Forging Sarita’s character is a huge challenge for me. The movie’s protagonist Sarita is A young housewife and a mother eager to get a mother not only satisfied everything her current basic life can provide, but the need for money changed the life path of her and her family.”

Saiyami Kher and Roshan Mathew in “Suffocation”: Paisa Bolta HaiTwitter

“Playing Sarita’s role is neither fascinating nor easy. This is a unique role that must be played in a very organic way. But @saiyami has done so well and added such a rich color to the film. Don’t miss it on #Choked , Now only streaming on @netflix_in #PaisaBoltaHai.” Anurag Kashyap added.

Saiyami also took to Instagram to share her work experience in the movie and compared it with “to conduct a full marathon.”

Anurag Kahyap


The experience of “suffocating” is similar to participating in a complete marathon. This requires great patience, which makes me work hard to exceed the limit, very hard, and perseverance, which makes me very happy, makes me cry, makes me think Give up, make me satisfied, this makes me know me better. This movie is full of my love. This is ours, and it will be yours now. I hope you will like it. Need all your love and blessings. “actor.

“Suffocation” directed by Anurag Kashyap: Paisa Bolta Hai as Roshan Mathew. The movie was released on Netflix on Friday.

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