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Amrutham Dhvitheeyam 3 episodes resonate with the audience

ZEE5 has announced three episodes of the most popular Telugu original Amrutham Dhvitheeyam. In addition to the previously released locked specials, these new episodes are still streaming.

Amrutham Dhvitheeyam had five episodes earlier. The sixth episode is about how the outbreak of dengue fever in the city caused Amrutha Rao to take extreme precautions. In episode 7, episode 7, you can see Sanjeevini floating the idea of ​​holding a kitten party at Amrutha Vilas. The eighth episode is about issuing new books, and their attempts to recoup their investment will only get worse in unimaginable twists and turns!

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The current situation of the locking problem

Amrutham Dhvitheeyam is the star of Harshavardhan (Amrutham), LB Sriram (Anji), Sivanarayana (Appaji) and Vasu Inturi (Sarvam). ZEE5 recently announced Lockdown Special, a sitcom with two episodes. Viewers like them because they can be immediately connected to current locking issues in interesting ways.

After watching these new episodes, an audience member named Ravi Cherukuri tweeted: “Entertainment and comedy don’t need to be loud. Amruthim proves this again.

Sai Krishna, another audience member of Amrutham Dhvitheeyam, tweeted: “Nostalgic time for children in the 90s, the same fun and madness as clean comedy. The team that respects this goal

Amrutham 1, starring Sivaji Raja, Naresh, Harshavardhan and Gundu Hanumatha Rao, was a popular Telugu TV sitcom in 2001. Two friends, Amrutham and Anji, came up with ideas to improve the restaurant business and get rich, but each failure brought ridiculous consequences.

Amrutham Devisham

Amrutham DevishamTwitter

Salvam is their loyal but indispensable Friday, and their greedy landlord Appaji has made a famous contribution to their error comedy and has also become a very popular character .

Six years after starting the weekly sitcom form, Amrutham ended the broadcast on TV. After 13 years, the performance now returns to Amrutham Dhvitheeyam. It premiered exclusively on ZEE5 on March 25, and every month thereafter has new episodes produced by Ganga Raju Gunnam.

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