Airline resumes flights to Italy (but turns around when the airport is closed)

Airline resumes flights to Italy (but turns around when the airport is closed)

(CNN)- We are very happy to be travel Again-but German airline Eurowings may be more eager than most airlines.

The low-cost airline resumed services from Düsseldorf to Sardinia, Italy on Saturday-but because Olbia Airport was still closed, it was forced to turn around at its destination.

On the morning of May 23, flight EW9844 took off on a 730-mile (1,170 km) flight to Olbia Airport in Sardinia, but it was in Sardinia before the air traffic control department informed it that it would not be open to commercial flights. Island airspace.

The Airbus A320 is hovering in a waiting state, hoping to get permission to land, but no dice.

According to an Italian newspaper, someone suggested a diversion to Cagliari, about 120 miles away Corriere Della Sera, But the crew chose to reduce losses and return to Düsseldorf.

In order to allow the A320 to carry two Sardinian passengers, this small sightseeing tour of Western Europe took a total of four hours and ten minutes.

So how did this misunderstanding happen? A Eurowings spokesperson told CNN travel agency: “In the context of the corona crisis, the situation at many European airports is very active.

The spokesman added: “A lot of information about business hours or airport closures is usually changed within a short period of time,” and “the entry laws of various countries change every day.”

According to reports, this confusion appears to be concentrated in the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport ’s reopening of the airport on Sunday, May 17, but the decision was rejected at the regional level that day. One mile at a time Aviation blog.

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is currently closed until at least June 2.

A Eurowing spokesperson blamed “misunderstandings about the merger of related flight information”.

The passengers-both of them-have been rebooked, and it is safe to say that at least the social distance can be properly maintained on the A320 short trip last Saturday and Saturday.

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