Ahmaud Arbery shoots forward man

Ahmaud Arbery shoots forward man

The judge ruled on Thursday that the murder of three white Georgian men could end in the death of an unarmed black jogger Ahmaud Arbery.

Green County Chief Magistrate Wallace Harrell will target George McMichael and his sons Travis McMichael and William “Rody” Brian (William “Roddie” Bryan) The case was transferred to the superior court for a one-day trial. This is the first time the three have appeared in court since their arrest. last month.

The McMichaels were accused of felony and increased their beatings when Albury died on February 23. Blaine was charged with felony and murder.

Richard Dial, the chief state investigator in the case, testified that the McMichaels entered their pickup truck and chased Arbery near the Satilla Shores In a few minutes, Bryan, who took viral videos and attracted national attention, also joined the investigation. Chase and try to stop Arbery several times.

The dial said that Travis McMichael yelled “f–g n–r” after shooting Arbery.

William Roddy Bryan Jr.WSB TV

“But regarding Mr. Brian’s move, maybe Mr. Albury is still alive today,” Cobb County Prosecutor Jesse Evans told the judge. “But, in order to let him choose to use two pickup trucks in the vicinity to catch up, maybe Mr. Albury could have escaped his tormentor. There is no doubt that Mr. Albury was tortured, he was hunted, he was killed. When it comes to attack, these people admit it.”

“You cannot turn around and use the words’self-defense’ and’argumentation’ as some kind of magic symbol to make these facts disappear.”

In the crowded courtroom, Albury’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, was cheered by demonstrators outside during the suspension of the lawsuit.

McMichaels and Bryan are not in court hearings. All three men pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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