AG Barr deploys prison tactical unit to Miami, Washington

AG Barr deploys prison tactical unit to Miami, Washington

A Justice Department spokesman said that Attorney General William Barr ordered the Federal Prison Service to deploy special tactical forces in response to the protests in Washington, DC and Miami.

BOP spokesman Scott Taylor said in a statement that the department that constitutes the BOP professional crisis management team “is a well-trained tactical unit capable of responding to prison riots and to other law enforcement agencies in an emergency provide help.”

These units include harassment control teams, who are trained to handle crowd control.

Taylor said in a statement: “At the request of the Attorney General, the balance of payments has sent teams to Miami, Florida and Washington, DC.”

The agency will not disclose how many officials they have deployed to the city, or where they usually work.

On Monday, President Trump threatened to mobilize the army to quell the protests and destructive uprisings that swept across the city in the days following police detention of George Floyd’s death.

Trump began citing a law in 1807 to dispatch the last military force used by President George H.W. in 1992. After the police beat Rodney King, Bush stopped the riots in Los Angeles.

Trump said on Monday, “I am mobilizing all available federal resources, including civilian and military forces, to stop the riots and robbery to end the destruction.” He mobilized the 1807 Rebellion Act.

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