According to reports, Van Jones of CNN helped carry out Trump police reform

According to reports, Van Jones of CNN helped carry out Trump police reform

CNN political commentator Van Jones praised President Trump’s recent executive order on police reform, which had actually participated in a secret meeting of the White House to formulate new measures.

The 51-year-old Jones hosted the “Van Jones Show” on CNN. He enthusiastically supported Trump’s order on the network, requiring him to establish a system to track police misconduct, prohibiting Most stranglers, and encouraged officials to train after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis.

Even though the executive order was criticized as cynical and fruitless by the Legal Defense Fund of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and described as “delusion” by Color of Change, a racial justice organization co-founded by Jones 15 years ago, he still Praise the President. Daily beast report.

According to reports, Jones and Trump’s female new and consultant Jared Kushner (Jared Kushner) together with the audience in the White House are unknown.

The report said that it was Jessica Jackson who helped Jones, law enforcement officials and White House staff to develop this measure. He is a California human rights lawyer who runs #cut50. Jones also established a prison reform organization.

Jones said in CNN’s “Internal Politics”: “Executive orders are a good thing, mainly because you see the support of law enforcement agencies there… the database is developing in the direction of bad police.”

“We have never had a federal database of bad policemen, that’s why all these policemen are dealing with bad behaviors everywhere…why locks, that’s what Nancy Pelosi and Trump now have in common. This store is very good.” He added.

Later he told the host Anderson Cooper that the executive order was “moving in the right direction”.

“I think what you get today is the signal that we are winning,” he revealed again, without revealing his role behind the scenes. “Donald Trump said to himself that we need to reform the police station… we are winning! Donald Trump had no plans to work on this issue a month ago. I think we are now The fact that it is moving in the direction of progress is a good thing.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a rose garden ceremony at which Trump signed a measure to “take pictures” and the executive order “seriously lacks requirements”.

Pastor Sharpton, a longtime ally of Jones, attacked the order as “toothless and meaningless.”

Sharpton told The Daily Beast: “I don’t think the executive order is worth writing this paper.”

“Fan’s experiments with Trump proved that he was more confident than me, but I wouldn’t attack him for doing so…I think his intentions are very good, but I think he completely underestimated what he dealt with. The kind of people” activists told the media.

“I just disagree with the bones of the people who deal with him. But I can’t blame him for trying,” Sharpton added.

Actor Jeffrey Wright said in a tweet: “Scents like Van Jones helped Kushner make this executive order, so he hyped it up. “When it comes to Trump’s arrears, you can’t pass by, but here he is wearing black boots And rags. “

Stephen A. Crockett Jr., a columnist who criticized Roots and Jones, wrote: “Jones’ work seems to make Republican policy palatable to black people. Therefore, expect him to call This new proposal is progress.”

In a satirical note quoting Malcolm X, Crockett added: “Hey, this knife changed from 9 inches on the back to 6 inches on the back,” (Van Jones’ voice).

NAACP Legal Defense Fund President Sherrilyn Ifill and Rashad Robinson, executive director of Discoloration, did not respond to requests for comment on The Daily Beast.

Jones refused to disclose the news to the media, and one of his public relations personnel told reporters: “Due to his contractual obligations with CNN/Turner, what he can do outside the news network is subject to limit.”

The network will not comment on why it was not revealed what Jones did behind the scenes to shape Trump’s executive order.

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