Ilaiyaraaja birthday: The 5 Kannada songs that proves musician has no language barriers [Videos]

5 Kannada songs by Ilayaraja prove that music has no language barrier [Videos]

Ilaiyaraaja turns one year old on Tuesday, June 2. The music master is celebrating his 76th birthday, but due to locking restrictions, there is no public celebration this time.

Ilayaraja's unforgettable Kannada songs

The music master Ilaiyaraaja is almost one year old.Twitter

Last year, the Tamil Film Producers Association organized a two-day event to celebrate his achievements. The entire film industry is united to make it an unforgettable moment.

Music language
Time and time again, we have seen singers and composers say that there are no obstacles to music. Not only music, but also musicians, there are no obstacles. The best example is the acceptance of the born Tamil Ilaiyaraaja by Kannada music lovers.

Music Maestro has created memorable numbers in one language without having much control over it, which proves that music and musicians have no obstacles. On his special day, we want to pick the top five popular songs in sandalwood (in chronological order):

song: Thangaliyalli Naanu
lyrics: Ziudayashanka
the film: Janma Janmada Anubandha

“Thangaliyalli Naanu” is the track by Janantha Janmada Anubandha of Ananth Nag. This is the troublesome melody number that S Janaki sings. This is one of the jewels in Shankar Nag’s reincarnation drama.

song: Choteaari
lyrics: Ziudayashanka
the film: Gita

“Jotheyali Jotheyali” is one of the biggest romantic songs of the era. The sounds of SP Balasubrahmanyam and S Janaki are well synchronized with the music and lines created by Chi Udayashankar. The “Yene Kelu” and “Santhoshakke” figures in this movie also resonated with the audience.

song: Naguva Nayana
lyrics: RN Jayagopal
the film: Pallavi Anupallavi

“Naguva Nayana” is a soft and melodious song once again sung by SP Balasubrahmanyam and S Janaki.
This is the debut of the famous Indian film producer Mani Ratnam.

song: Omkaradi
lyrics: V Manohar
the film: Nammura Mandala Hough

Omkaaradi is a duet performed by KS Chithra and Ilaiyaraaja. This song was written by V Manohar. Other hits on the album include “Halli Laavaniyali Laali”, “Hele Kogile” and “Mutthu Mutthu Neera Haniya”.

song: Chikkamagaloora Chikkamallige
lyrics: Shyamsundar Kulkarni
the film: Shiva

Chikkamagaloora Chikkamallige is a romantic digital song sung again by KS Chithra and Ilaiyaraaja.

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